Arm Lift with No Scar

I hear that more and more are asking about arm lifts. In fact, CBS has reported that arm lifts are up 4,300% since Michelle Obama has been showing off her biceps when her beautiful evening gowns. In fact, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons said that the number of arm lift surgeries, which is known as brachioplasties, increased from being performed from 300 women in 2000 to actually 15,000 women in 2012. Those are some significant jumps in this procedure. Really interestingly, I understand that you have a very non-invasive approach to this procedure. Dr. Hendricks, can you share with us how you do the brachioplasty? Yes. We’re advised in our society that we would expect to see a rise in this. We knew about it because Michelle Obama had popularized it, or that was really the buzz, so the numbers aren’t surprising. The big problem with the traditional brachioplasty is that there’s loose skin and there’s extra fat. The extra fat is easy to remove with liposuction, but then you have extra skin that’s left over, which is a problem. Typically, the skin is snipped away and then there’s a scar that’s on the inner aspect of the arm. That’s something that can be unsightly. It can be noticeable. It can spell cosmetic surgery. Many people don’t want to necessarily have that big scar. I think that keeps people away. What I can do not invasively, because it is minimally invasively, if we had a tool, and I do, to tighten the skin or shrink the skin without cutting it away, and that’s the Smartlipo laser. They’re using that to heat the undersurface of the skin, to shrink the skin so that you’re not left over with the loose skin. Event performed many brachioplasties within the last year or two, and none of those have involved making the incisions. In fact, I had a patient that I saw two days ago who as an adult has never worn a short-sleeve shirt. She’s now two months post-op and she showed me a picture of her and her husband in Hawaii on a vacation. She was wearing for the first time in her life a short-sleeve shirt because she wasn’t self-conscious about showing her arms. That gives me goosebumps. She felt comfortable and she felt proportional. It was healing. It was actually healing for her. It was a fabulous story

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