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Types of Skin Care
Triple board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Douglas Hendricks offers his Orange County and Los Angeles area patients professional skin care to maintain the results of their cosmetic surgery or procedure at home. Pacifica Cosmetic Surgery Center in Newport Beach, California offers:
  •     Amino-Plex®
  •     Obagi NuDerm Skin Care
  •     Pacifica Cosmetic Aesthetic Skin Care
Amino-Plex®, a technologically advanced skin care formula containing aino acids, electrolytes, trace minerals and nucleotides, restores the skin’s moisture balance to combat the signs of aging. And because Amino-Plex® Vital Nutrient Skin Therape contains pure oxygen, you will receive the best treatment available for improving the quality, tone and texture of your skin. Amino-Plex ® replenishes and restores moisture balance, providing vital nutrients for enhanced skin health. Using pure oxygen promotes cellular repair, stimulates skin renewal and destroys surface bacteria. Can be used on any skin type.
Obagi Nu-Derm
The Obagi system is unique. It combines specially developed products with medical supervision and counseling to treat your skin from the inside out. This Obagi Nu-Derm skin care system works on the surface to smooth roughness and correct damage, such as uneven skin tones and hyper-pigmentation. It penetrates below the surface of the skin to stimulate proper cell renewal, improving circulation and helping restore your skin’s natural moisture. During the skin care treatment you will experience three distinctive phases in the restoration of your skin health:
  • Reaction phase: Out with the Old
  • During this initial correction and simulation phase, your skin’s damaged top layer is replaced by a new layer of healthier cells.
  • Tolerance Phase: In with the New
  • The correction and stimulation continues and you will notice significant improvements in your skin almost every day.
  • Corrected Phase: Healthy Glow
  • Here, the surface problems have been corrected and your skin is healthy and restored to a much more youthful appearance.
After these three skin care phases are completed, it is easy to maintain your new healthy, younger-looking skin for a lifetime. Your skin care routine will become second nature to you. Treat yourself to beautiful, healthy skin.
Pacifica Cosmetic Skin Care
We offer a variety of comprehensive corrective skin care treatments customized to fit your individual skin care needs. Each treatment includes a complete skin analysis with product recommendations. Featured treatments include the following:
  • Dermaplaning
  • Glycolic Peels and Betahydroxy Lifts

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