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Cheek Lift*

A cheek lift, also known as a mid-facelift, corrects the early signs of aging in patients by removing excess skin from the cheeks and forehead.

Ear Surgery*

Otoplasty, also known as ear surgery, is a cosmetic procedure that corrects congenital problems with the ear for an improved look.


A comprehensive vertical facelift evenly adjusts and revives areas of the face with loose skin and wrinkles for a natural, refreshed appearance.

Nose Reshaping*

Nose surgery or rhinoplasty reshapes the nose to eliminate cosmetic flaws, to repair the nose after a trauma, or to fix certain breathing problems.

Eyelid Lift*

An eyelid lift removes excess skin and fat from the eyelids and tightens the skin and muscles of the eye area for a youthful, awake appearance.

Chin Implant*

Chin implant surgery alters the size and shape of the chin with a silicone implant that is shaped to strengthen the chin profile and balance the face.

Forehead Lift*

A forehead lift surgical removes loose skin and tightens the wrinkles on the forehead to improve the effects of aging and restore smoothness.


Genioplasty, improves the appearance of a receding or prominent chin by surgically repositioning, lengthening, or decreasing the chin.