Breast Lift

Patient Details

This patient lost over 100 pounds through rigorous diet and exercise but was left with significantly loose skin of the arms, abdomen, and breasts. She underwent a vertical breast lift ( sometimes called “Short-Scar Breast Lift) at the same time as several other body contouring procedures. The patient felt she would be happy with her breast VOLUME, but did not like the SHAPE of her breasts. Like many people, she thought that you HAD to have a breast implant at the same time that a breast lift was performed. Dr. Hendricks informed her that he was able to reshape the breast and remove very little if any breast tissue in the process. The breast tissue would be reshaped and the extra skin would be removed but the breast volume would not be altered. She was really pleased with the outcome and also with the fact that a breast implant was one less thing that she had to put on her health questionnaires. In the preoperative counseling process, the patient was informed that should she decide even years down the road after her breast lift, that she wanted to increase the size (volume) of her breasts, it would be a simple matter to do so quite easily without any additional or new scars.

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