Breast Lift

Patient Details

This patient had previous silicone breast implants that had been in place for 25 years. They had become firm (encapsulated). Her pre-surgery examination revealed that her existing implants were located on top of the muscle. The patient wished to have her implants exchanged because of the concern about a silent silicone gel implant leak, and because of the breast hardness and the asymmetry of her breasts, she asked to be considered for an abdominoplasty at the same surgery (sometimes referred to as “Mommy Makeover”). She was healthy and a great candidate for surgery. At surgery, her previous breast implants were removed and a new implant pocket was constructed below the muscle. A form-stable silicone gel tear-drop shaped implant was used to provide her more projection (height of the breast) but also to give both breasts fullness in the upper half. A short-scar breast lift was added to position the nipple higher on the chest, which made her waist appear much longer and in better proportion. To correct the difference between the left and the right breast size, two different size implants were selected so that the breast size would match more closely. All of the problems with her breasts had been corrected quite nicely with this combination of procedures. The abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) also was performed and she recovered uneventfully with a very significant improvement in all the areas treated.

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