Breast Implant Exchange

Patient Details

This patient sought treatment from Dr. Hendricks after developing a problem related to her breast augmentation many years previous. She developed a severe form of capsular contracture which is scar tissue formation around the breast implant leaving it feeling firm and unnatural. Many times this shape of the breast is quite distorted because of the scar tissue as it tightens around the breast implant itself. The cause of capsular contracture is not known. It is suspected that it is the body’s over-enthusiastic reaction to the implant surface or something on the implant surface such as static charges. In any event, the most common treatment is a complete or partial removal of the breast scar capsule and replacement of the existing implants. There is some debate however it is thought that saline implants are less likely to stimulate capsule contracture then gel-filled implants. This particular patient was treated in this manner. Her implants and the breast capsule were removed and she underwent replacement with a slightly larger saline-filled, round breast implant. The capsule did not recur.

  • Patient Age: 40 - 49
  • Patient Height: 5' 0" - 5' 5"
  • Patient Weight: 100 -149 lbs

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