Breast Implant Exchange

Patient Details

Removal of Saline Implants and Replacement with Silicone Implants

This is a breast augmentation/breast revision case that details how new advancements in cosmetic breast surgery can eliminate the need for a breast lift procedure. This patient initially had a breast augmentation about 8 years prior. At that time, Dr. Hendricks placed round breast implants, both with a volume of 450 CC. The patient's breasts were initially very small, in the range of a large A cup or small B cup, which was transformed into a large D cup after placing the round breast implants. Several years after surgery the patient had children. After pregnancy and following breast-feeding, she found her breasts had become droopy and somewhat shrunken in appearance. She returned to Dr. Hendricks and requested his advice for improvement. Dr. Hendricks suggested that the droopiness and the shape of the patient's breast could be significantly improved with implant exchange and a surgical narrowing of the breast pocket on both sides. Dr. Hendricks removed the round implants and created a neo-pocket, which was smaller in size and more centered relative to her breast tissue. He placed shaped silicone breast implants, both with 450 cc volume, in each breast. The use of the shaped implants allowed Dr. Hendricks to take up the slack of the extra skin in the lower breast and give the patient the appearance of a breast lift without actually undergoing the extra surgery or resulting scars. The patient was thrilled with the outcome and her new shapely breast appearance.

  • Patient Case #6739
  • Patient Age: 30 - 39
  • Patient Height: 5' 6" - 6' 0"
  • Patient Weight: 100 - 149 lbs

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