Breast Augmentation

Patient Details

When this 26-year-old Orange County woman consulted with our triple board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Douglas Hendricks, she explained that she was very unhappy with her small breasts (primary micromastia). She explained that she had difficulty finding clothing that fits properly and was tired of looking disproportionate because of her breasts. After discussing the alternatives and best options with Dr. Hendricks, he performed a partially submuscular, bilateral breast augmentation through a periareolar (under the areola) incision. Given that she had this surgery in 2003, it was a time when saline implants were the only type available for augmentation. Despite the limitations, these Mentor 400cc implants produced some amazing outcomes. This particular patient demonstrates that clearly. The periareolar scars (at the junction of the pink nipple ski, and the normal skin of the breast) is almost imperceptible in this patient. Her final cup size was between a C+ and a D-. She enjoys the natural appearance of her breasts and believes that Dr. Hendricks selected the proper size and shape for her aesthetic goals.

  • Patient Age: 26
  • Patient Height: Patient Height: 5' 0" - 5' 5"
  • Patient Weight: 100 -149 lbs

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