Chin & Jaw Implants
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Our facial features are often the first thing people notice and can affect first impressions as well as how a person presents themselves.

For many, a sharp, strong jawline and facial profile can help create a lasting first impression and enhance your appearance and self-esteem. Unfortunately, not everyone naturally has a chiseled jaw and perfect chin. While it is possible to accentuate their aspects with makeup or dermal injections, the upkeep can be hard to manage and expensive.

Facial implants are an excellent option for patients who want to enhance the shape and contour of their faces. Chin & jaw implants, in particular, are ideal for patients who have a rounder facial shape or have lost definition in the area due to aging or weight fluctuations over time.

Chin & Jaw Implants Newport Beach

Why Pacifica Cosmetic Surgery Center?

When you visit our relaxing Newport Beach office, you will receive the best of care. Dr. Hendricks is a dedicated surgeon who is triple board-certified in general, hand and plastic surgery. Dr. Hendricks is regarded among the most experienced and skilled providers of chin & jaw implants Newport Beach has to offer.

Since opening the Pacifica Cosmetic Surgery Center in beautiful Newport Beach 20 years ago, he has transformed his patients' lives providing gorgeous, lasting results. Dr. Hendricks and his staff work hard to provide a customized plan with the best solution to your specific needs. We will help restore your beauty by recapturing and rejuvenating your true aesthetic.

Candidates for Chin and Jaw Implants

Newport Beach Plastic Surgery

Chin & jaw implants are a facial plastic surgery procedure that can help address common aesthetic concerns in the face. The procedure is detailed, as most facial surgery is, and should only be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon who has experience and knowledge with facial implants.

At Pacifica Cosmetic Surgery Center, Dr. Hendricks offers high-end chin & jaw implants to help patients balance and harmonize the structure of their face and appearance. Ideal candidates include men or women who are over the age of 21 and are in good general health. Smoking and excessive drinking may impact your eligibility to undergo plastic surgery, as it can increase many risks associated with the procedure. If you have any serious medical issues, inform Dr. Hendricks in your initial consultation as this may affect your candidacy for surgery.

Chin & Jaw Implants

In plastic surgery, implants are an excellent resource to help patients achieve a more defined contour throughout certain areas of their body. Most commonly, this term is associated with breast augmentation, but implants are extremely versatile and can be used in various areas throughout the body.

For the best Newport Beach chin & jaw implants, silicone is used to achieve the desired result. They are customizable and will be molded to suit each patient’s unique needs and problem areas. The placement, shape, size, and structure of your implants can all be discussed in detail with Dr. Hendricks during your consultation.

Who Should Get Facial Implants?

Do you feel like your jawline is weak or your facial contour appears rounded or droopy? Chin & Jaw facial implants may be an excellent solution for you. This procedure is a facial enhancement surgery designed to help address issues with the structure and profile of the jawline and chin.

Some patients may wish to achieve a more masculine jawline or protruding chin, while others may opt to account for facial changes that occur naturally over time. If you wish to achieve a more permanent adjustment of your facial structure and enhance your appearance with a more rugged, defined jaw and chin, consider scheduling a consultation for facial implants with Dr. Hendricks.

Consultation for a Chin & Jaw Implant in Newport Beach

Are you considering enhancing your facial structure with chin & jaw implants? At Pacifica Cosmetic Surgery Center in Newport Beach, CA, our triple-board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Douglas Hendricks, delivers high-end chin & jaw implants to the residents of Southern California. To schedule your free consultation or learn more about our services, please call us at 949-640-9570 or contact us online.

Results of Facial Implant Surgery

Dr. Hendricks will discuss what you can expect from your recovery, but most patients can expect to return home immediately after surgery.

You will notice the implants immediately, but it’s important to remember that there will be swelling, redness, and bruising of the surrounding areas during the first few days after your surgery. Over time and with proper care and attention, any inflammation and discomfort will subside and your full results will be apparent within the first few months.

Chin Augmentation Newport Beach

Chin & Jaw Implant Placement

Chin & jaw implants require facial surgery, so most patients will be placed under general anesthesia during the procedure. Prior to even visiting the operating facility, Dr. Hendricks will describe the entire procedure to you, so you can understand the process and what will happen while you are sedated.

During the implant surgery, depending on the size, placement, and what type of implants you are receiving, incisions will likely be made in the mouth or around the jaw. Whenever possible, your surgeon will use absorbable sutures. At his Newport Beach plastic surgery practice, Dr. Hendricks also uses different techniques to reduce incision size and visible scarring during and after a plastic surgery procedure.

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